We provide practical and productive solution for your production lines that cam save money and time. We have customized training program for involving the maintenance and troubleshooting of the automation machinery.

Engineering Service has recently found more and more acceptance from various industries because of its huge benefits, such as, increased productivity, quality and safety at long term benifits.
We have the ability, infrastructure, people and innovative mind set to compliment and assist in your needs. We are constantly in touch with global and local initiatives, enhancements and changes in process and/or technology taking these innovations to our clients to better serve their needs and differentiate their value proposals.
We are pleased to concern your project idea and our professionals will assist and discuss your automation needs free of charge.

Also we offer engineering consultancy to prospective customers wanting to automate their production or process setup. Most of this consultancy work results in either system integration or Project assignment.

Our experienced and dedicated team of Engineers are committed to creating strong and lasting relationships with our customers by fully understanding their needs, maintaining a close working relationship and carefully managing large and small projects alike.

Our consultancy based on,

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